ENGAGE is our training programme on public engagement and research communication for researchers. Nowadays it is crucial to communicate research outcomes to communities, citizens and young people, but old style and scientific conferences' presentations are not the right way to do so. The approach must be coherent to the digital age we live in, where we are constantly immersed in social and very quick data exchanges. There are specific tools to engage, trigger curiosity and amuse while learning, and for Science Gallery this is one of the major goals.

Ca' Foscari and DVRI researchers have joined ENGAGE since 2018 to learn how to improve their interaction with the public in any possible situation using specific and creative tools.

Monthly sessions last four hours and are structured with both frontal and interactive activities focused on the specific research activity of the participants giving also precious hints that might be useful while communicating research in other contexts.

We offer specific and tailored programmes for congress' presentations, TED like talks and any events in which researchers present their research to the wider public.

ENGAGE is powered by Pleiadi science farmers.

If you and your research team are interested in taking part to one or a series of training sessions please contact Erica Villa, Head of Communication and Engagement and she will provide you with more specific info.

write to: erica.villa@venice.sciencegallery.com