SCIENCE GALLERY VENICE will be part of Cyfest-12 bringing two extraordinary lectures from the world of art and science (Danielle Siembieda and Michele Emmer) and the artist Karin Andersen.


May 9, 11 am, Ca’ Bottacin (Dorsoduro 3911, Venice)
Portraits of New Media: Historical Exemplars by Danielle Siembieda
Danielle Siembieda is Director of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology Leonardo (Leonardo/ISAST). Danielle will talk about theoretical concepts and new media examples that have cataloged the meaning of ID in the #1 publication for art, science, and technology Leonardo journal published with MIT Press since 1968.The lecture will be held as part of the Cyfest-12 exhibition ID. ART:TECH EXHIBITION.

May 9, 12 pm, Ca’ Bottacin (Dorsoduro 3911, Venice)
Math, Art, Science & Leonardo: my personal experience by Michele Emmer
Michele Emmer was full professor of mathematics at the University of Rome, his area of activity were minimal surfaces, computer graphics, mathematics and arts, mathematics and culture, films and videos. Almost all his movies in the series "Art and Math" have been broadcasted by the Italian and international television. He has organized several exhibitions and international conferences on the topic of “Art and Mathematics" including the annual conference on "Mathematics and Culture" in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, many exhibitions and conferences on Escher; the section on Space at the Biennale of Venice (1986), the travelling exhibition "The Eye of Horus and he wrote several books some of which on soap bubbles exploring the scientific and artistic features leading to the show “Bolle di sapone. Forme dell’utopia tra Vanitas, arte e scienza” hosted in Perugia at the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria until June 9. 


Karin Andersen
Naughty Messy Nature
CFZ, Ca’Foscari Zattere, Fondamenta delle Zattere al Ponte Longo, Dorsoduro 1392, Venezia
The artist exhibits 11 digital prints, made from 2015 to 2018, which portray sculptures made of plant materials then processed by the molds that appear after a few days. Karin Andersen photographs the most bizarre and interesting moments of the transformation process, adding very small digital post-production interventions. With Naughty Messy Nature, the artist celebrates the magnificent creative disorder generated by natural processes, in spite of the search for harmony, symmetry and order that is found in most of the human material and mental constructions.


Cyfest-12 exhibition ID. ART:TECH EXHIBITION

Ca’ Foscari Zattere Cultural Flow Zone will host a show of works by the contemporary authors as well as artworks by the classics of the 20th century from Frants Family Collection and Kolodzei Art Foundation. Among the exhibit’s participants are the New York underground guru of sound art and renowned minimalist composer Phill Niblock, Russian experimental artist and fashion designer Andrey Bartenev, artist and curator of the Central Asia Pavilion at the 55th Venetian Biennale Ayatgali Tuleubek, St. Petersburg artist, curator, winner of Sergei Kuryokhin Award and Innovation Prize Peter Belyi, distinguished Russian artist and founder of sots art Erik Bulatov and others.

The project’s exposition is a visual examination of the subject of identification: from the forms of sociopolitical functioning of portraits of Soviet non-conformism to the images of mass culture, aesthetics of ID cards, passport picture and social networks.

Exhibition Curators: Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova, Silvia Burini, Giuseppe Barbieri, Valentino Catricalà, William Latham, Lydia Griaznova

Marina Alekseeva (Russia) & Vladimir Rannev (Russia), Karin Andersen (Germany–Italy), Andrey Bartenev (Russia), Ludmila Belova (Russia), Peter Belyi (Russia), Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium), Jake Elwes (UK), Elena Gubanova & Ivan Govorkov (Russia), Farniyaz Zaker (Iran–UK), Daniele Puppi (Italy), Sergey Komarov (Russia) & Alexey Grachev (Russia), Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada–USA) & Phil Niblock (USA), Nataliya Lyakh (Russia–France), Alexander Terebenin (Russia), Ayatgali Tuleubek (Norway), Anna Frants (Russia–USA)

Monday-Friday: 10 am to 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm
Sunday: 3 pm to 10 pm

Free entrance

Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 10:00 to Friday, June 28, 2019 - 22:00
Ca’ Foscari Zattere CFZ - Cultural Flow Zone, Venice