Emma and the ICE MEMORY team


Emma Critchley joined the Ice Memory project team lead by Professor Carlo Barbante beginning of June as winning artist for  Earth Water Sky Residency programme, the first artists' residency of the Global Science Gallery Network. Emma has dedicated the past 17 years to working as an artist underwater, looking at the way in which different environments in and out of the water relate to the human experience, including climate change. Emma was in Venice working with Professor Barbante and his team in June, returning again end of September and October. During this time she will also go on a field trip to the Alps to drill an ice core for the library of climate change. At the end of her research residency, Emma will propose to produce an art work inspired by her time with the Ice Memory team.  
The Residency has been specially created for Science Gallery Venice at Ca' Foscari University of Venice by the initiator and founder of the Arts at Cern arts/science programme, Ariane Koek, creative producer and curator of the Earth Water Sky residency programme fully funded by the Martine et Didier Primat Foundation for the next 3 years. Ariane chose the theme of the environment as the central theme for the 3 year residency programme because the extraordinary sinking city of Venice is a living symbol of climate change and its effects.