The second edition of the Science Gallery Youth Symposium has brought together young people from across the Science Gallery Network to focus on the theme CO-CREATE. Science Gallery Venice contributed with a Multi-sensorial Workshop.


The Youth Symposium is an important opportunity for youth mobility, intercultural exchange and knowledge sharing; a chance to truly experience what coming together from across the world looks like. Science Gallery uses workshops, activities, presentations, and debates using an art and science framework to approach global challenges in a whole new way -- to get young people thinking, doing and changing together

The Youth Symposium develops participants’ skill sets using highly innovative, engaging educational approaches, while on an organizational level it ensures that Science Gallery deeply embeds young people's voices in its content and strategy.

This year the theme was CO-CREATE: we investigated how to collaboratively create a future, exploring which are the key-factors in co-creation and how the whole process works. 


Inspired by Gianni Rodari’s “Grammar of Fantasy”, we at Science Gallery Venice decided to focus on the power of our imagination. We think imagination is a powerful key-factor when one envisions your future, but how does it work? How are we inspired in our everyday life and how can we combine our (different) visions about things? We thought “Let’s start from the very beginning”, when things around us trigger our imagination...

Gianni Rodari used to say that “A stone thrown into a pond produces concentric waves that spread out on its surface, involving in their motion, at different distances, with different effects, the water lily and the reed, the paper boat and the fisherman's float. […] Not unlike a word, thrown into the mind at random, produces surface and depth waves, causes an infinite series of chain reactions, involving in its fall sounds and images, analogies and memories, meanings and dreams in a movement that affects the experience and memory, fantasy and the unconscious.”

We opted on exploring not only words but also smells, sounds and all the stimuli you can come across in your everyday life. Those stimuli are the main fuel of our imagination but each of us has different perception about the stimuli they face. In order to realize that, we created a virtual slot machine that generates random stimuli (sounds, images, smells, words, objects to touch…) and we asked to the participants to create a story based on those stimuli. 

We aimed at reaching a common vision negotiating the meaning of those stimuli.


We developed the software with a such incredible group of students from the International College in Venice: Isomurodov Javohir, Marongiu Sara, Stecher Ludovica, Rinaldi Francesca, Veggi Manuele, Grassi Filippo, Titta Gabriele, under the supervision of Prof. Warglien and Gabriella Traviglia.

The Slot Machine has been developed in Processing.js and HTML & CSS5.

Their contribute was fundamental in order to create stimuli that might be appealing and stimulating for the young participants of the Youth Symposium.


Just to give you a taste of the day, we share with you one of the stories that came up that day.


  • Feathers to touch
  • Generative Art – very geometrical forms
  • Morse Sound

A World War II Messenger Pigeon is on a mission to deliver a message to the allied forces on the location of Hitler's prized artwork "Geometry". It is said the artwork holds a secret map location to the "cradle", a fortune so great that can change the world. (marge code send from area 51) The pigeon found it in the house of Pablo Picasso, in Spain. It was so important to give that message to right person to prevent world dominance.


If you want to challenge your imagination with your friends, play with us and share your story with Science Gallery Venice. 

We suggest to open the Slot Machine with Firefox. This project has been developed by emerging developers, so please forgive us if some technical problems occur.