Our Cities, Our Planet, Our Selves. Re-generation for Venice, Re-imagination for the world

Science Gallery Venice is part of the Global Science Gallery Network dedicated to supporting young people create better futures through experiencing how arts and sciences interconnect. What distinguishes us from the other Galleries, is that our focus will be on themes connected with our cultural heritage, the environment and what it is to be human in the digital age. Culture, ecology and humanity are all interconnected  and fundamental to our existence, by exploring them through the collision of art, science and technology at Science Gallery Venice we can create new ways of finding solutions as well as cultural expressions of these important global challenges.

Venice is a city which embodies these themes. Our city was the centre of the European renaissance, and we believe that it now can be the centre of a new renaissance focused on learning from the past, in the present, to create the future through the collision of arts, science and technology.

Science Gallery Venice – making the Future Present Today

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a magnet for successful academics from across Europe and beyond, and with a thriving community of internationally acclaimed scientists, politicians and economists, visiting Nobel laureates, famous writers and influencers in all disciplines, it offers students powerful inspiration to become game-changers in their own fields and to make a genuine difference in the world.

Ca’ Foscari is an international leader in higher education, committed to preparing students for the global challenges of the 21st century. All degrees at Ca’ Foscari meet international standards and intended learning outcomes for scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary expertise and critical thinking.

Science Gallery Venice will be located in the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority area, opened to innovative and strategic activities involving universities and research centers.

These elements makes San Basilio the ideal location for Science Gallery Venice:

  • Combining the past and the future with the highest degree of functionality
  • Providing an inspirational location in front of the Giudecca Channel
  • Enabling interaction with the San Basilio and Santa Marta campuses and the city 
The particular geographical dimensions make Venice a city of encounters, mirroring the surprise effect and spontaneous dialogues that characterize Science Gallery around the world.