Announcing Science Gallery Venice

Today we are excited to announce the next opening of Science Gallery Venice due to 2019.

The announcement has been this afternoon -December, 16th - in Aula Baratto at Ca' Foscari's Headquarter, where the Rector and President of the Venetian District of Research and Innovation (DVRI),Michele Bugliesi and Andrea Bandelli, CEO of Science Gallery International, signed the agreement for the start of the project. In addition to Dublin, London, Bangalore and Melbourne, Venice will be the fifth node of the Science Gallery Network.

It will be settled in the area of San Basilio, precisely in the building 4, part of the historical settlement of the ancient venetian maritime offices and it will play a key-role in the urban regeneration process, led by the universities and the port.

Michele Bugliesi, Rector of the University Ca 'Foscari University of Venice: "Science Galley Venice will become a catalyst for the creative and collaborative engagement of our faculty, student and alumni communities, spuring a new drive in our approach to the communication and dissemination of research, as well as to the development of multi-disciplinary projects in education, in research and in the practice of art, culture and science "

Through this project Ca' Foscari University of Venice wants to involve young people and the Venetian community in a new, vibrant environment designed to develop a talent-based international community. Science Gallery Venice will create and host exhibitions and events, always with free admission. All the initiatives, which are part of the Science Gallery Venice's programme aim to trigger new forms of collaboration between scientists and creative, developing innovative forms of teaching and enhancing the excellence of research carried out by universities and other scientific institutions in all fields of knowledge. It will include places for informal meetings and a Cafeteria.

The opening is scheduled at the end of the restoration of the building for 2019, but the first public activities of Science Gallery Venice will start already in 2017.

Soon it will be launched the international call for the selection of the Director, who will have the task of creating the community of Science Gallery Venice.

The concept of the project is different from other international experiences in the field of science for the involvement of the communities of students, citizens, scientists, artists and innovators. Indeed communities are the ones that guide the choice of the topics to be addressed and the proposed content.