Are we connected to our digital self?

What is becoming evidently clearer is the huge gap that exists between our true selves and the self, which we choose to project on virtual reality. What concerns me most about people, who consistently try to match their virtual self with the real one, is the timeless energy spent, and the value given to defining only the virtual self, so often at the cost of the true self.

For instance, when living in a monumental city like Venice – known for its archaic and museum-like quality, you can easily get accustomed to the exacerbated phenomenon of the ‘selfie stick’ – a tool found in every nook and corner of the city, and a nuisance for anyone eager to cross a bridge in little space or time.  Not only are people too busy and consumed by their selfie sticks, generating countless snapshots with sights they have often seen reproduced somewhere, or simply heard of, but I am more astounded by the preceding oblivion, towards the surrounding environment, which the act of taking a selfie actually causes.

Instead of appreciating the depth of the local environment - a skill that asks us to look beyond the surface of a selfie – the pressure of taking the perfect photograph for our social platforms is often still central to our lived experiences, and to how we choose to define ourselves. I think that in placing too much value on facades and first impressions, we are truly hindering our abilities to appreciate complex issues affecting complex individuals everywhere around the world.

Maria Scherbov