How do you think Science Gallery Venice will re-shape living in Venice?

Venice is something extraordinarily beautiful but also something fatally decadent. How can we make our environment and our culture work with innovations for the future?

Venetians have always looked at the world from the perspective of both art and science.  This is a proud past we must build on as we consider the future of our city. From my perspective, any consideration on re-shaping Venice cannot leave aside its use of spaces: in the lagoon city there is a clear imbalance between "overflowing" spaces such as Piazza San Marco or Rialto, and 'nearly empty' spaces, such as San Basilio, where Science Gallery Venice will have its home.

The 'overflowing' spaces are the tourist spaces, full of people from all over the world, and the businesses that they use. The 'empty' spaces are spots where the tourists rarely go.  Some Venetians may still live there, but these spaces seem to be emptied of places of work as well as meeting places and common grounds for people to gather, discuss and create things together that makes living in Venice better.

Science Gallery Venice can create a gathering ground in an empty space where it can encourage people to collectively seek a new relationship between art, science and technology. The people who come to it, will be seeking to speak the language of innovation and development. In this way, I think Science Gallery Venice may help to reshape the future of life in Venice, particularly as it is a place where Young Voices can be heard and older generations can respond to help them with what they need to bring their dreams to reality.  I truly hope Science Gallery Venice will help those of us who love Venice to create a brighter future for our lives in the lagoon. 


Gabriella Traviglia, Research and Development Officer