The interactive exhibition MENTAL RECYCLING, inspired by the Manifesto of Ethical Art, dedicated to themes such as the economy, the future, the distribution of resources, global interconnection (entanglement), migration and the environment, closes early because of the climate changes that occurred this summer.

The continuous rise in the average temperature of the planet is now the cause of increasingly extreme and frequent climatic phenomena, even in areas of the planet where such events, in the past, occurred very rarely. Almost as if it were a reaction of the climate to the criticisms exposed in the exhibition Mental Recycling, which identifies anthropic reasons behind its changes, a terrible whirlwind swept the city of Venice on Sunday, July 7, increased by strong winds the following Monday. The whole city suffered damage, with tiles and fireplaces torn up and over 200 calls to the fire brigade. The images of the whirlwind shown here are unequivocal.

Unfortunately, even the works of art on display at the Ca’ Foscari economic campus of San Giobbe have suffered damage, some even irreparable. The exhibition, designed to be set up outdoors, was placed within the protective walls of the corridors inside the courtyards of the campus. Nevertheless, the effect of the wind suction has completely torn apart two of the six installations, literally knocking down their structures and altering their interactive functions. Science Gallery Venice and Ca' Foscari University, in collaboration with Gallery, for safety reasons, with great regret, decided to close the exhibition early, also because the damage caused reduced the interactive activities with visitors.

These extreme events, more and more serious and frequent, must make us all reflect and this exhibition, in its end, leaves us with an even stronger warning: the problem of climate change is global, increasingly impacting on human activities and settlements and addressing it seriously is a topic no longer postponed. Culture and art are also beginning to suffer directly and the problem must now enter the consciences of everyone. Every person is involved and every one of us must contribute, starting from everyday behaviour and habits; every gesture we make has consequences and we have a duty to act responsibly and carefully.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the initial phase of the exhibition, Ca’ Foscari economic campus of San Giobbe, the students of the university, the sponsors and the institutions that collaborated.