When a robot received Saudi Arabian citizenship

There is a humanoid robot called Sophia which just got Saudi Arabian citizenship. Do you think it’s scary that, in the future, humans will accept robots as individuals in their communities?

"To be fair, there is not much to expect from Saudi Arabia, a country which has human rights issues itself. Furthermore, Sophia is a mere classical PR stunt -he stresses- its movements are highly mechanical and robots can actually do so much better. He incites us not to project an image of consciousness on a calculator just because it simulates human expressions. All its charm is in the data gathered in its system and the short time in which it can process it, but it has nothing to do with humanity and the greatness of our quantum conscious power, our intuitive creativity and original inspiration: our -what he calls- “qualia”. Sophia speaks a language of agreements and, like Searle’s Chinese room argument, it is evident that it does not understand as an individual and subjective being, it is a simple symbols manipulator. What really scares him is just that some humans act like machines. But we are not Putnam’s brains in a vat. We definitely should reconsider our value as conscious beings. We can change reality by simply observing. Such assumptions on how amazing human beings’ existence is, reminded us Carl Jung’s phrase: “What we are to our inward vision, and what man appears to be sub specie aeternitatis, can only be expressed by way of myth. Myth is more individual and expresses life more precisely than does science, it does justice to the subjective variety of an individual life”.

Could it be? Will there be any chance that quantum physics could demonstrate our mythic role in the universe?

by Clara Palmisano - Young Voices Member