17.05.19 – 24.11.19

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Economic Campus

Fondamenta S. Giobbe, 873, 30121 Venezia VE


“In a world that is changing faster and faster, with increasingly rapid global interconnectedness, ideas, projects, technologies and progress in general, propagate at a speed that exceeds the speed of the equal dissemination of ethics, necessary to manage them in such a way that economic interests do not prevail over the environment and people. Today, ethics enters every sector: banking, business, university, finance, politics, the public administration and so on, precisely because people feel the need to make the progress sustainable.

We believe that even Art can and must question its relationship with Ethics and ask itself above all how th act responsibly, given the strong power of aggregation and communication that it may be able to exercise. Our commitment is expressed through our actions, exhibitions, performances and events with the Movement for Ethical Art, made up of a group of artists who shape their messages in coherence with personal artistic research on crucial themes for contemporary society: environment, economy, energy, justice, bioethics, social relations, wars and conflicts.”

Sandro Orlandi Stagl, curator


MENTAL RECYCLING is an interactive and immersive exhibition aimed at promoting projects with strong social responsibility inspired by the Italian Movement for Ethical Art, according to which the artist must have an impact by being the spokesperson for ethical, social and human thoughts that can help build a better world around people.

Read more about the works in the exhibition below: