Anna Puccio

Managing Director
Anna Puccio comes from executive experiences in non profit organizations as Fondazione Italiana Accenture where she was Executive Director and CGM, the largest group of social enterprises in Italy, where she was Managing Director. She has devoted herself to studying and teaching in the field of Women empowerment in Economic and Political Affaires at the Università degli studi di Milano. Anna is also deeply involved with ONGs as member of the board of WWF Foundation.
Prior to that Anna has gained a very solid experience as Senior Advisor, Executive and Non Executive Director in many international corporations such as Accenture, Luxottica, Docomo Digital, Sony Ericsson, Amplifon, Telia Sonera, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft in different geographies such as United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
Her areas of studies, research and publications are focused on digital social innovation, digital social enterprises, innovative start ups, circular economy, sustainability with priority to promoting sustainable development goals. Empowerment of Women has been all along her carrier life the overriding topic.