Annachiara Panzeri

Fundraising and Programming Assistant

Annachiara holds a Master’s degree in Theoretical Linguistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Languages for the International Relations from Ca’ Foscari University. She studied English and Russian, living both in the UK and in Russia, where she attended the University of Cambridge and the Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University respectively. 

She has always been interested in projects with a global reach and a local impact, and that is how she found Science Gallery Venice. Having started with an internship as Executive assistant, she is now working as Fundraising and Programming assistant, providing operational support to Science Gallery Venice development and initiatives.

Annachiara has had previous experience in teaching and in tutoring young kids (14-18), as well as in translating for international bodies. In her spare time she translates subtitles for TED talks and volunteers as a helper in local soup kitchens.