Collaboration Opportunities in Research Projects

Exclusive course on Science Communication and Public Engagement for the team of researchers involved in the project. The training course, with variable duration, culminates with a public initiative where researchers will present the topic of their project in innovative and engaging ways to a selected audience.

Interdisciplinary art science
 initiatives lasting 1-2 days on the topic of the research to reach a wider public or address a specific interest group. Local-Italy based artists will be invited. Performances, hackathon, pop-up artworks, interdisciplinary workshops, talks, labs, social events, science poetry slam, curated dinners or launch parties for the final project outcome

Residency for one month for a local or Italian based artist or student-artist from Ca’ Foscari University and the DVRI to collaborate to the research project and create an artwork. Pieces will be shown at the respective university spaces.

intiatives will last 3 to 5 days and local, national or international artists will be invited.
Cycle of seminars on the topic, science fiction contests, a pop-up artwork with a workshop and panel discussion, an interdisciplinary symposium with a performance evening or a few exhibits bringing in also international artists and scientists, a citizen art-science project that also raises public awareness of the topic (like measuring noise/air pollution) including a lecture at the beginning and a final event.

Interdisciplinary art-science projects/competitions/contests
on the topic of the research will engage students from all departments with researchers and artists. Projects will be developed in the format of Active Learning Labs and culminate in a small exhibition/public presentation of the project.

Opportunity of
commissioning one artwork on the topic of the research by the local/national/international artist selected through an open call. Artists can also suggest specific artwork they already have in mind or partially conceived on the topic. The artwork will need to be very engaging, interactive and disruptive on the topic, it might include citizen art-science projects or performances during the presentation of the artwork to the public

Unique opportunity of creating a Science Gallery Venice exhibition or Lab on the topic of the research project or a major issue in the research project. The interesting aspects of a Science Gallery approach to a topic for researchers and bigger projects are manifold. First, themes are approached through interdisciplinary perspectives, bringing in research, art and science. The theme can be represented in many topics and is made experiential through interactive and intriguing exhibits, seminars, workshops and other events. A Science Gallery Venice exhibition and related season on the topic will be broader than the research project and a very valuable outreach opportunity as it creates a platform for engaging students, a broader public and even citizen science projects. The exhibition is based on an open call, a small expert jury on the topic from different disciplines including the researcher/scientist/colleagues will be the advisory panel for the curation of the exhibition. The exhibition will be on for 2-3 months, seasonal programming will accompany the exhibition. If the researcher wants to do a special project with an artist for the exhibition there will be the support from Science Gallery Venice to find the artist and to work with the artist.

If you and your research team are interested in collaborating with Science Gallery Venice for a research project please contact Gloria Bondi, Head of Development and Fundraising and she will provide you with more specific info.

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