What we do

Science Gallery Venice, part of the Global Science Gallery Network, will feature unique immersive experiences to explore humans relationship to nature and the interconnections with one another. Our main goal is to ignite creativity and inspire new ideas and collaborations in pursuit of a better future for the next generations. Science Gallery transcends typical art galleries and traditional science museums by finding new ways of engaging young people with some of the global challenges of our time. Our programmes will be dynamic, exciting, controversial, sometimes even subversive, and always able to capture the imagination and curiosity of the media and of all our audiences.

We aim at connecting with young adults’ lives, being tuned-in to their ever evolving interests and concerns, enabling them to express their views and creatively engage with science, technology and innovation. We will offer them opportunities to boost their social connections with dynamic and inclusive events, to actively participate to innovative thought-provoking projects and to increase their skills’ set to shape the future they dream through the programmes we design.

Science Gallery Venice believes that the most disruptive and exciting ideas are generated when people from different backgrounds and perspectives approach collectively a common challenge. New solutions require the ability to draw together insights from multiple areas, but our traditional education was designed to keep disciplines separated. In our culture science and are in fact conceived as separate and often seen at the antipodes.

At Science Gallery we see things differently. Bringing science and art together into creative collisions provides an opportunity to look at important questions from different angles. The aim is to foster creative collisions across and beyond traditional boundaries, bringing artists, scientists, designers, engineers and young adults together to explore and shape the future in an inspiring environment.

We are anti-disciplinary, we look forward.