'18-'19 Young Voices team

The Young Voices Board is formed by talented and promising international students coming from different fields of expertise and interest.


Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, I am currently working at the Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes @ CNR (National Research Council of Italy), where my research activities are mainly focused on analytical chemistry applied to the study of past and present environmental changes. During my academic path, and due to my sensitiveness to environmental issues, I always reasoned about a way to make common people closer to scientific issues.. I think that everyone of us is both Science and Art, we only need the right medium to recognise it. Finally, my opportunity came with SGV! The way through which we, as Young Voices, can approach the wide Venetian community with engaging and creative ideas is unique in our territory.
I am so proud to be part of the Young Voices Board!


Poliedric soul rooted in the sky. High school specialising in Art. Chemistry student at Ca' Foscari, enjoying the charm of the infinitely small and the challenges of scientific research inside a lab. Cultivating passions for dancing, singing, reading, travelling, recently skating. Fascinated by quantum mechanics, until personality started to become a wavefunction itself. Member of the theatre group Fucina Arti Performative Ca' Foscari, experimenting performance as a way of unifying arts. After trying to choose between Art and Science, surrendered to embrace both, then found enlightment in Science Gallery. Its aim is what I pursued during recent years: the idea of delivering strong messages on social issues through artistic media, to arouse consciousness and impact people's lives.


I recently got my master’s degree in Editorial Interpreting and Translation from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, specializing in Chinese language. Currently, I am doing my national voluntary service in the organization Volontarinsieme – CSV Treviso, where I am working for educational projects. I am passionate with Sustainable Development and Education for Sustainable Development and working hard for a sustainable future is what I consider one of the objectives of my life. I believe that people have the capability to shape the present they want and that education is the mean to empower people to find new solutions to move towards a future where everyone of us will be the key actor of the present. I saw in Science Gallery Venice the potential and the ambition to start a process of change in our communities, to connect people and to foster knowledge and creativity through the connection of science and art.


Earth&art lover. This is how I would define myself in almost one word. As for earth, I’m so fond of it that I’m doing my PhD in science and management of climate change, to study better ways to love and protect our planet. As for art, I volunteer at FAI (sort of the Italian National Trust) and I spend most of my spare time visiting exhibitions and discovering our great historical and cultural heritage. Concerning both earth and art…I applied to Science Gallery Venice! As a young scientist, I am convinced that I have a wider duty than conducing my research in the most thorough, honest, and transparent way. I need to make my research useful. I have signed a pact with myself to get my research serve the purpose of building a more sustainable, equitable, inclusive society. And I deeply believe in the power of SGV to turn this aspiration into reality. 


I am currently doing my Master’s in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities at Ca' Foscari, but since my early studies in Florence I have always focused on how cultural marketing, digital  communications and new technologies are changing the way we interact with art and culture. I am a huge fan of colliding knowledge, and a STEM-to-STEAM enthusiast, hence I decided to accept SGV’s challenge and lend my voice to the young community of my peers. The weapons of my choice will be the ability to learn by experimenting, grow through curiosity and see change as an opportunity. What I expect from this adventure is to build surprising connections between ideas, people and places, and I hope this journey will leave me with a stronger sense of purpose, some answers and hopefully bunch of questions.


Mpiti is currently an undergraduate student of Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He enjoys travelling and has lived in several countries such as France, South Africa and the Netherlands. In addition to his native language of Sesotho, he also speaks English and French and holds a Diploma in French studies from the University of Burgundy in France. He is passionate about art and culture and his hobbies include reading, writing, cooking and running.


I am a graduating MA student from Ca’ Foscari University, specializing in Contemporary Art History, with a thesis on curatorial practice after virtual art. From September 2018 I’ll be studying curatorial museum studies at Courtauld Institute in London. My interest in combining science studies to fine art has always been strong, and this is why I decided to become an active member of SGV. While working side to side with international acclaimed artists, I’ve understood how science is constantly re-mapping the way we perceive the world, and this is why I become particularly interested in new research fields such as neuroaesthetics. I believe that SGV unique vision will produce an impactful outcome on new generation of passionate people, arousing a vivid and flourish debate on  the ‘system’ we live in - especially here in Venice, a city devoted to multiculturalism and openness since its birth. 


Italian, born in 1997, I am currently studying “Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management” at Ca’Foscari University of Venice. I love nature, our planet and every kind of art form and I believe that everyone could change the world somehow. I have many passions but my biggest dream is to work in theatre and cinema, I love reading and writing, cooking too. I really care about our world, so if I can do something, even if seams so little, I would do that, because each challenge starts with a step and I hope, with Science Gallery, to walk fast.


Italian, born in 1993, Master’s Degree in International Relations, Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Literature and Philology, enthusiast traveller, journalist for passion. I am actually collaborating with a local newspaper and several blogs talking about the city of Venice, global social issues and geopolitics. I strongly believe in the power of information and I think that Science Gallery International plays an important role in raising awareness on the major problems that affect today’s world. I joined the Young Voices Board and decided to give my little, personal contribution because nature, art and science need our support now more than ever, and only speaking out loud, getting involved and working together we can really make the difference.


I am an undergraduate student of Philosophy, International Studies and Economics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. My passion for philosophy has led me to inquire into the nature of consciousness, reality and logic, which I find strictly connected to scientific research. I have been involved in several international experiences such as MUNs in New York, I speak in 6 languages, I am Editor in chief of a students association's Gazette and had a brief professional background in graphics and customs services. I am very excited to be part of the Young Voices board insofar as I consider its goals fundamental to be achieved for human development. Most importantly, the harmonic cohesion of art and science is necessary for alternative and more detailed investigation. I will happily commit my energies for what's to come for Science Gallery Venice!